QAnon Follower and Musician Frank Dubé Is Using TikTok To Harass 2SLGBTQ+ and Black Youth

Having evaded numerous bans from the platform, Dubé has posted hundreds of slur-laden rants while spreading conspiracy theories about adrenochrome-eating celebrities.

Sébastien Roback
Canadian Anti-Hate Network

For Frank Dubé, a man in his 40s, TikTok is a platform to hurl racist and homophobic insults at people half his age.

A musician living in the Québec City suburb of Portneuf, Dubé has become infamous over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic for spreading QAnon conspiracy theories on the youth-oriented app, and for his aggressive tirades against young creators whose politics and identities he disagrees with.

Despite his profiles being frequently taken down for violating TikTok terms of service, Dubé has been able to grow a significant following, which at its peak, verged on 40,000 followers.

The app’s duet feature, which enables direct user interaction through videos, is Dubé’s weapon of choice for his targeted harassment of young people. 

In one video, responding to an emotional plea to get vaccinated by a creator who self-identifies as having Asperger’s, Dubé mocks his neurodivergent status.

“You, the king of Asperger, let’s make one thing clear. You don’t have empathy for humans because you have Asperger, right? You’re autistic, empathy doesn’t exist for you,” he said to one video creator. “We don’t care about what you think. I don’t wanna be mean, but even if you’re really intelligent, but you’re autistic, man. Okay? You’re Asperger, and you have no empathy for other humans. 

“You don’t care whether people are dying because of the vaccine. We see it in your stupid face.”

In another video response, Dubé casts doubt over a teenage user’s COVID diagnosis after the latter posted a video of himself dancing, saying that young people these days are “weaklings.”

Much of Dubé’s vitriol is directed towards 2SLGBT+ people. Throughout the content found on his accounts, he refers to them as “short-brained dick suckers,” “depraved,” and “deviants.” 

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Supporters of Black Lives Matter are also frequent targets of Dubé.

“If you think I’ll give respect to Black Lives Matter, never in my life. I’d rather die standing up than lick the asshole of a darkie,” says Dubé in one video.

Though he refers to advocates for Black civil rights with terms like “thugs” and “criminals,” Dubé is quick to defend himself from allegations of racism by distinguishing between “good” and “bad” Black people.

Responding to a comment by a Black user, Dubé elaborates on this distinction: “I have nothing against Black people. You’re Black, you tell me. There’s a difference between a Black person and an n-word, right?”

In recent months, Dubé’s rhetoric around the latest round of lockdowns taking place across Canada has gotten especially aggressive.

In this reshare of a TikTok video published by Dubé, he calls out the “toxic masonic f*ggotry”
of Québec Premier François Legault and Director of Public Health Horacio Arruda.

In one video, the avowed anti-masker goes as far as to call for the death penalty to be used against politicians who have employed lockdown measures to address the pandemic. He goes on to name Premiers Jason Kenney and François Legault, as well as public health officials like Québec public health director Horacio Arruda and Dr. Theresa Tam, as treasonous actors.

Dubé, who was recently banned from the platform once again, remains active on TikTok despite the platform’s previous promises to remove QAnon-related content. 

"TikTok's mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy, and we do not tolerate hateful behavior on our platform. We will remove content or ban accounts that violate our policies as we work to create a safe and welcoming environment for our community," a spokesperson for the platform told CAHN when asked about users who promote hate and conspiracy theories on the platform. 




A prolific musician, Dubé has played for a number of small-time québécois punk, metal and ska bands throughout his career. Despite its hateful nature, Dubé’s music is available for streaming on a number of mainstream platforms.

In one song, Dubé sings “LGBT, you’re a bunch of depraved fucks, you say you’re refined but is there anything refined about being sodomized?”

Before he first created a TikTok account, music was the medium through which Dubé expressed his hateful and conspiratorial beliefs. In an interview published in 2015, Dubé says he makes music to push people to research "chemtrails, reptiliansfreemasonry" and other "hot topics" he believes people should be aware of.

His latest endeavour, a solo project mixing the jovial tone of ska and the aggression of metal, is also heavily influenced by his support for QAnon.

In his song “Thank You Mr. President Donald Trump,” Dubé screams “we want mass arrests, where we go one, we go all, we’re gonna win,” going on to name celebrities he believes should be arrested.

“Tom Hanks, Ellen Degeneres, Oprah Winfrey, Céline Dion. Those people are sick, consuming adrenochrome and eating human flesh.”

Through his music and on social media, Dubé often makes comparisons between COVID-19 lockdowns and Nazism, as well as between Canadian politicians and Adolf Hitler. Meanwhile, Dubé social media accounts also show him frequently sharing antisemitic content, including a video made by American neo-Nazi and Turner Diaries author William Pierce, discussing the “Zionist project” laid out in the Talmud.

Dubé did not respond to a request for comment in time for publication. 

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