About Us

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization with the mandate to counter, monitor, and expose hate promoting movements, groups, and individuals in Canada using every legal, ethical, and reasonable tool at our disposal.

Our education program, Confronting And Preventing Hate In Canadian Schools, is a supplement for other anti-racism education. It is specifically focused on responding to hate movements' propaganda aimed at youth, and their grooming and recruitment of students.

With this toolkit and our workshops, it is our goal to give school professionals, parents, and community stakeholders the practical tools they need to proactively protect their children, schools, and communities from hate movement propaganda. It also explains the tell-tale signs that identify when a child is being groomed, and suggests step by step strategies to both pull youth back from hate movements, and build a fence of protection around the community.

This education program was developed in partnership with the Western States Center, one of the United States' leading organizations working to combat white nationalism. Canadian school professionals provided feedback and helped us refine the toolkit. This toolkit was made possible in part thanks to a grant from the Anti-Racism Action Program.

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